Balige people continue to live on hope

Balige people continue to live on hope

A partial view of the collapsed wall of Balige School building in Kalasa

The distance between Balige and Horanadu is 6 kms while the distance between Balige and Kalasa is 14 kms.

The village was included in Kalasa GP during the days when there were no proper roads but today this decision seems irrelevant as Horanadu is the closest and most convenient GP for Balige.

Ironically, there has been thought to include Balige in Horanadu and as a result Balige remains to be one of the under developed villages. As the residents of the village put it “It is our fate,” Five years ago Naxal leader Saketh Rajan was shot dead by the police in Balige itself and even today Balige is known as ‘naxal affected area’.

While couple of government officials did visit the region and enquire about the requirements, they have never come back to do anything in this regard.  Apart from a road laid at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore under Pradhan Manthri Gram Sadak Yojana, there is no other commendable development that has happened here.


There is a school in this village but the building does not look like school from any angle. The collapsed wall on one side has not grabbed attention of the officials yet despite several years passing by. The debris still lay in the school premises.

As far as Mid day meal is concerned it is brought to the school by a lady after preparing it in her house. Though SDMC has said that a space must be provided in the school premises for preparation of Mid Day meals no action has been taken yet by the authorities concerned.

With all these problems gyrating around them, the villagers have now come together to form groups to develop themselves and Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Programme is bringing about the desired development gradually in the region.

With hope of building beautiful Balige, people live on.