Companies taking to web analytics in big way

If availability of tools such as Google Analytics are any evidence, the trend towards web analytics is catching up now like never before. According to Nabler Web Solutions Founder & CEO Seby Kallarakkal companies find online medium as best means of interacting with their customers and see the need to understand their attitude towards their product or brand. City-based Nabler provides end-to-end web analytics services to companies in India, US and Europe. Besides using existing tools like Google Analytics, Nabler has also developed its own sets of analytical tools to accurately measure, collect, analyse and report  internet data for the companies. Most of the tools are automated to make the process easy.

Specialised service
Though begun as online advertisement company in 2005, Kallarakkal saw the scope for providing a specialised web analytics service as he received more enquiries. “By nature we were an analytics company than a creative one, so shifting our focus on to analytics as service was not difficult,” he said.
Providing business insights based on online data is one of the services Nabler does for its clientele.

For start-ups and those trying to set up web operations, the company helps choose tools, convert business objectives into metrics and set up automised mechanism for them.

Kallarakkal said web analytics services are specifically sought by corporate houses and digital advertisers who want to understand effectiveness of their activities online. Currently, the company is serving 15 companies and has analysed about 80 websites.

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