A celebration of dance

Cultural Extravaganza

A celebration of dance

World Dance Week, organised by the Shristi Center of Performing Arts, got off to a great start as renowned danseuse and art enthusiast Vyjayanthi Kashi inaugurated the programme. A V Satyanarayana, the director and the organiser of the programme, noted that dance is a form of body language and represents the emotions and the way of life of a particular culture. Vyjayanthi Kashi says that dedicating an entire week to dance is a good idea.

“Through this week, we will all pray for peace and harmony in our own little way,” she says. As the show commenced, people began to come in to lend their support to the programme. Many appreciated the effort put in by the organisers to promote art and culture of the State. Manjushree Panda, an odissi dancer, started the show with a ‘Prarthana Nritya’ — an odissi recital, wherein she showcased some quintessential elements of the dance. Many others performed throughout the week. A total of 55 presentations — 25 bharatanatyam pieces, seven kathak recitals, nine odissi pieces, five kuchipudi numbers, one contemporary dance, four dance dramas and one music ensemble among others — were a part of the week-long extravaganza, including three different genres of dance and dance-related workshops consisting of 200 dancers.

Namitha, who attended the show, was all praises for the concept. “This is an excellent pedestal for young dancers, who are still learning the art form, to showcase their talent. The best part is that many senior dancers are a part of the show and hence, they can guide the young ones and tell them where they went wrong. I feel that it is a great show and art lovers should definitely support it,” she says. Chethana, who is learning bharatanatyam, says that such events help popularise classical dance. “Many people feel that classical dance forms are meant for seniors, but programmes such as these help in conveying the message that dance is for all. It will help the cause of artistes if people come and support us by watching our programmes and appreciating the hard work and dedication that we put in,” she asserts. The programme also saw some young dancers performing with a lot of confidence on the stage. The youngsters were appreciated by the audience as they applauded them for their efforts.

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