Keeping it colourful

Keeping it colourful

Are you the type of person who views the world through rose coloured glasses? Well, don’t break that habit.

This year it’s a habit you can embrace when it comes to home decor. What is the glitzy glassware that is all aglow in 2013? Anything will work from vibrant vases to tinted tumblers to cool colourful cake ware.

Tamara Griffith, a decor spokesperson, explains that “it’s a great way to inject that hint of colour without a lot of effort.” The small accessories mentioned above are small-scale and easily affordable. You can actually adopt the ‘colour of the moment’ without emptying your savings account. Glass, with its shimmer and shine, is able to add texture and sparkle to a room. Also, coloured hand-blown accessories and stained glass have an element of global style. They are so versatile that they can be easily merged into a variety of different settings.

Let us look at some examples of places where glass can be used. A pretty glass soapbox can be used in the main or guest bathroom for holding special soaps. Such a box can also double as a container for keys in the foyer. A larger bowl will be wonderful for holding fruits on the dining table. If your goal is to inject a hint of colour into your home, don’t use a rainbow of glass accents in a single space. It is best to incorporate a few pieces with a monochromatic (single coloured) scheme and work it in with the other colours in the rest of your decor.

The other option is to try and warm up the colour scheme. Glass is a great place to start with, for this purpose. The best part is that you can start small by buying one glass piece inexpensively and see if you like the look. If it doesn’t work, you can always use that as a gift and try something else. We in India are very fortunate that we have a variety of options when it comes to decorating with glass.

We have loose sofa covers which are decorated with coloured glass or mirror work. They create a unique look. If you go for vibrant coloured tall vases you can almost forget the flowers and the vase is beautiful enough to stand tall on its own. A country such as ours, with all the sunshine it receives, provides an opportunity to decorate with stained glass or even tinted glass in its windows. A skylight with stained glass would indeed be glamorous. Yes, the sky is indeed the limit when you are looking through coloured glasses.

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