This is It

This is It

The final adieu: ‘King of pop’ Michael Jackson on stage, for the last time.

That the late ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson still does capture the hearts of billions was clearly evident from the rapturous response of fans who thronged to see ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’.

Directed by ‘High School Musical’ director Kenny Ortega, the 100-plus minute take on Michael’s preparation for his last and never 50-show London tour is surprisingly compelling despite media pundits’ talk of its producer wanting to mint easy money. The film shows Michael’s preparations which were mostly on-stage between the months of March and June 2009. The documentary features Michael practising many of his hit numbers.

Opinions are divided among fans on whether this film should be made at all. Some say it is homage to the king of pop with ‘Michael, We love you. But we also love money’, tag attached to it.

On the other hand some fans were heard saying, ‘This is it. A perfect way to finally rest the king’.

Michael does look a bit frail in the first few minutes of film. The video shots that were part of a documentary for behind-the-scenes of the proposed tour speak for themselves on his health and mentality. He appears to be mentally prepared but his physical movements give away the nature of his health. However, he still had ‘that thing’ in him that gave him the face of a glorious star who moved and shaked the world wherever he went.