Get traffic alerts on your phone

Get traffic alerts on your phone

Get traffic alerts on your phone

The City traffic police’s successful initiative, traffic sms alerts, has been relaunched from Friday. Subscribers will get live updates of traffic jam either through SMS or e-mails, as chosen by the subscriber free of cost from Sunday.

M A Saleem, Additional Commissioner (Traffic and Security) told Deccan Herald earlier each sms would cost them one paise.

“However, in December 2012, TRAI hiked the tariff of these smses from one paise to 20 paise.

“We could not handle the programme, as the expenses were 20 times high. We had to terminate the programme. But a Mumbai-based firm, Traffline, has come forward to bear all the costs of the initiative. Hence, it is being relaunched,” he said.

Willing subscribers may register their mobile phone numbers or e-mail addresses with the City traffic police to get traffic alerts.

To register mobile phone number, type JOIN BTP and send to 9243511777 and to register e-mail address type JOIN BTP followed by e-mail address and send to 9243511777.

However, City traffic police have said those who had registered their mobile phone numbers in the earlier programme have to register again under the new programme.