'I always wanted to work with Puneet Rajkumar'

Last Updated 26 May 2013, 13:07 IST

Ramya Barna may be a relatively new face in the Kannada film industry but she has clear views on a lot of things, particularly fashion.

Metrolife chats with the actress and got her talking about her fashion quotient and her latest projects. 

Commenting on the state of fashion in the film industry, Ramya says, “The film industry encourages fashion and glamour. And fashion pageants and hunts for new talent bring freshness to the scene.”

Having been a showstopper for many shows, Ramya says, “The way you carry yourself, the way you talk, your body language, your presence is all very important. Be it
off-screen or on-screen, fashion plays a major role in the industry.”

She vouches that she’s a fashionable person. “I’m crazy about fashion. Not just because I am an actress, but even as a student, I always kept pace with the latest trends.”

Ramya has walked the ramp for the Bangalore Fashion Week. Ask this young actress to compare acting with walking on the ramp and she says, “It’s a totally different experience. In front of the camera, everything is rehearsed and you’re given specific dialogues and told how to go about every scene. But on the ramp, you are just yourself and you’re carrying someone else’s talent on you, which is a different challenge.” This young actress has done a course in travel and tourism and always wanted to be a travel writer. She says, “I just started movies and so I told myself that if it worked for me,  I would go ahead with it. But I’ve got so addicted to the cinema industry now that I can’t do without it.”

Ramya got her first offer when she was in college. Was it easy to balance college life and acting?

“It was tough but it was fun as well. Many people helped me through my studies. I had friends who would keep notes ready for me, and all my applications were done for me; my friends literally spoonfed me.”

If there was a remake of Bollywood movies ‘Black’ or Barfi, Ramya would love to act in them. Ask her about an actor she always wanted to work with and pat comes the reply, “I always wanted to work with Puneet Rajkumar. And after getting a chance to work with him, I am a bigger fan of his. He’s a gem of a person and a brilliant actor. One can learn a lot from him.”

Ramya has a lot on her hands. She says, “‘Notorious’ will release. I also have a few projects and scripts lined up.” She prefers doing only one project at a time. Ramya says, “It helps me to stay focussed and it gives me peace of mind.”

(Published 26 May 2013, 13:07 IST)

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