'Expect the unexpected'

'Expect the unexpected'

'Expect the unexpected'

After the success of Charminar, director R Chandru has not wasted much time. He has kick started his next project with none other than ‘Real Star’ Upendra. The actor-director combo has already become the talk of the town and expectations are soaring high. 

Pegged to be a bilingual, the movie is titled Bramha and going by the first look of the film, one would assume that it is a mythological or historical movie. The director immediately clarifies that this scene is just the starting of the film. “It’s a contemporary story. But it begins in a different way, which is why we got Upendra to dress like a king,” adds Chandru, without revealing much about the storyline. 

But what is interesting was how Chandru and Upendra teamed up for the film. 

“After the screening of Charminar, Upendra and I were discussing my work. And he suddenly told me that he would love to work with me. That was like music to my ears because I was working on a script keeping him in mind. When I narrated it to him, he was on board,” he says. 

Chandru reveals that it is a big-budget movie. “There are going to be a lot of expectations from fans and the industry and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. So, I am leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we have the best of everything for the film. In fact, we are now building a unique courtroom set at Kanteerava Studio worth Rs 14 lakh,” he says. Chandru is quick to add that the real hero of the film is the screenplay. “The entire movie is based on the screenplay, not on my style of work or Upendra’s. I feel people can expect the unexpected from us,” he adds. Having just returned from Mysore after a 15-day shoot, Chandru says that everyday is an experience working with the ‘Real Star’. 

“Though Upendra is a director himself, in this movie, he has been nothing but an actor. He has given me the freedom to picturise my vision and has even told me many times that he likes the way I work, which is a huge compliment coming from someone like him,” he adds. 

Ask him if he’s worried about people comparing Bramha to his previous films and he says, “Not at all. I always face each film as a new one. 

Generally, I completely disconnect with my previous work so that I can bring in a new perspective to the current project.”

The movie also stars Praneeta, Nassar, Rangayana Raghu, ‘Bullet’ Prakash and Sayyaji Shinde in important roles. Gurukiran will score music for the film.