'We have never been a film family'

'We have never been a film family'

'We have never been a film family'

His elder brother is associated with a film production banner, while his younger brother is a video jockey-turned-actor.

Director-actor Kunaal Roy Kapur feels even though they are not really a film family, they have ended up being one.

“I wouldn't call us a film family. We have followed different routes into the film world. My brother Siddharth came from the corporate world and had his own route into the film world. I came through theatre and TV and Aditya as a VJ. We aren’t really born into a film family,” Kunaal says.

Kunaal, who has acted in films like ‘Delhi Belly’ and Nautanki Saala, reveals that his grandfather wanted to make films, but couldn’t get much success.

“Our grandfather came here to make films. He made some films, but failed miserably at it. We have never been a film family in that sense. My dad was in the army and my mother was a dance teacher. We have now ended up becoming a film family, which is wonderful and strange also,” he adds.

Before facing the camera, Kunaal went behind the lens to direct ‘The President
Is Coming’, a satirical ‘mockumentary’.

 He feels that it takes a certain amount of political and social awareness to be able to enjoy satire.

“You have to be aware of the social climate at that time. It works in context to what is happening in the society. For people who are aware, it is a great form of entertainment as it is sourcing from what is there,” he says.

“We have always had different kind of comedies. We have had Amol Palekar to Johnny Lever. All sorts of humour works. I don’t want to disrespect any humour as you can’t tell people what to laugh at and what not to. You can't be so presumptuous and snobbish about humour. Humour is subjective and everyone is free to laugh at whatever they find funny,” he says.