Taking the path of success

Taking the path of success

Taking the path of success

The students of the MBA department of CMR Institute of Management Studies have been on a winning spree. The team has been bagging top slots in major management fests across the City and State. The students attribute their success to the support extended by the management.

 The team that represents the college is hand-picked by the management. They are chosen for their good communication skills, knowledge and initiative. The students in the team say that they take time off to prepare for every fest.

 Ragavendra, an MBA student, is from a rural background but he picked up English in no time and was chosen to represent the college at several events. “Thanks to my teachers and classmates, I am able to communicate without any hassles. Battling it out at fests gives you a lot of confidence,” says Ragavendra.

Akash K, an MBA student, says that he has attended fests and participated in all the events right from under-graduation. “I have been consistently winning the ‘Best Manager Award’ for the last few years. I’ve had to put in a lot of effort to get to where I am,” he says. Dilin Abraham feels that participating in fests, “gives one an opportunity to understand where you stand and it is a perfect platform for you to assess yourself.”

Gaurav points out that fests give you room to sharpen your analytical and decision-making skills. “Forty five days are required for thorough preparation for a fest. And the best thing is that we have got along well as a team and that makes all the difference,” he says.

 Sarmistha Sahoo is the only girl on the team and she is proud to represent her college. “Apart from the serious business-related events, there are a host of cultural events which add to the experience,” she notes. The team has participated in more than 10 fests and has won either the first place or the second place in all of them. The management says that they have a dedicated team that works along with the students to ensure that they are trained in keeping with the latest trends in the industry.

Prof T Balachander, director of the management programme, says that the students are taken through life skills training right from day one.

“This is done to address the so-called ‘industry gap’, which people believe exists in the market. We have a dedicated wing exclusively for life skills. We prepare the students to face the competition in the corporate world,” he explains.   

Prof Shiva Shankari, faculty of MBA programme, points out that apart from teaching the students the prescribed syllabus, the management always makes an effort to go beyond the textbooks. “Our notes always have added information on the latest trends in the market and the library too subscribes to the best magazines in the business field to help the students grasp current strides in development and technology,” she says.