Embarking on an eventful journey

Embarking on an eventful journey

Embarking on an eventful journey

Here are a bunch of working professionals, who are also passionate about bikes. They took off on a biking expedition from Bangalore to Kashmir over the weekend.

   The group, is expected to return to the City, at the end of the month.

Siddarth Balachander, the leader of the group, confesses that his passion for bikes began at a very young age.

   “Riding gives one peace of mind. The whole idea of the road trip started off as a germ of a thought when I got a powerful bike — ‘the Pulsar 200 NS’. Riding from
Bangalore to Kashmir, we get to witness terrains and different weather conditions — rains, scorching heat, through mountains, highways and ghats. What more can one ask for?” says Siddarth. 

The bunch of six guys have a fairly good amount of biking experience behind them.
   “I think we are a mixed group with a common dream and passion for biking
and that’s what unites us,” explains Siddarth. The group believes in working hard and enjoying life just as well.

   “We hope to spread a massage, that as we age, we must not look back and
regret the things that we have missed out. Our message to people is to go out there and do whatever they want to. There will be challenges but that’s the part that adds spice to life,” shares Siddarth.

The bikers have travelled individually and in groups on different expeditions. They’ve seen and experienced the best a road trip has to offer.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes in to pulling off a safe and successful biking

   Siddarth explains that the preparations began in March and the group began to save up for the trip last year.

   “The preparations started with buying riding gear such as a good helmet, riding
jackets, pants and gloves.

Discussing routes and essential tips on the various biking forums, checking
for spares and service stations throughout the routes and cities was the
next thing. Once a blue print was laid down, we discussed it among ourselves,” observes Siddarth. 

The group will return to City at the end of the month but while they are on their journey, they hope to update and capture every minute of their travel.

   “I think there would definitely be a change in all of us when we return. We will talk about what gave us the confidence to go out there and chase our dream,” he says.