After Jaspal Bhatti, his wife keeps the nonsense alive

After Jaspal Bhatti, his wife keeps the nonsense alive

He was comedy’s famous sardar and highlighted all that was nonsensical in society in his trademark style.

For nearly three decades, comedian-actor-director Jaspal Bhatti entertained and touched the masses with his “Nonsense Club” by highlighting social evils.

After his tragic death in a car accident last October, his wife Savita Bhatti wants to keep the flag flying high.

Faced with his sudden demise, Savita Bhatti thought that it would not be appropriate for her to drown in sorrow in the memory of a man whose aim was to bring smiles to the people’s faces and to entertain them.

“It was a hard time for us after his sudden death. But I decided to keep his ‘Nonsense Club’ brand and his comedy style alive,” Savita in an interview.

Starting with an event in April this year, the first one after Bhatti’s death, the Nonsense Club re-grouped to bring out a satire on the plight of the Indian woman.

“We urged the government to declare women a commodity. Indian women are already being treated like market items. By labelling them so, it gives us the licence to do anything with them — buy and sell them, trade them, molest them, hurt them, dispose them of for a newer model. Literally do anything with them,” Savita Bhatti said.

The satire was against the rising crimes, especially rapes, against women and girls, including some as young as two and five.

Nonsense Club veterans Vinod Sharma, Lally Gill and Gurtej Tej were joined by students of Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti’s film school, to sing a parody: “Yeh desh tha veer jawano ka, lekin ab hai shaitano, haiwano ka, is desh ka yaaro kya kehna, jaha ladki ka mushkil hai jeena”

The event was organised at Bhatti’s favourite spot for his earlier activities — Chandigarh’s Sector 17 commercial hub.

As earlier, hundreds stood to watch as the Nonsense Club staged its event.
“Jaspal Bhatti was the voice of the nation. He will continue to be the voice of the nation. We owe this to him,” said Savita Bhatti, the CEO of the film school.
“The Nonsense Club is not going to stop. We don’t want people to pity us. We are not here to prove anything to anybody. We will keep his legacy on,” she said.