Desserts that take the cake

Desserts that take the cake

Desserts that take the cake

The vibrant ambience at ‘Berry’d Alive’, which is located in Indiranagar, as well as the range of delicious items it offers is what pulls  customers to the eatery.

It specialises exclusively in desserts and is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. The menu has a lot of variety, including delectable mousses and cheesecakes.

Aljeesh, the owner of the eatery, says that one of the main reasons why he has not introduced a range of savoury items in the menu is his love for desserts. “At home, our family makes a range of dessert items for any pre or post-wedding party. I have travelled to many countries and tasted the local desserts there. That is how the concept behind this eatery came about. Over the last one year, I have been planning the desserts from scratch — right from making pencil sketches of how they would look to bringing perfection in how they taste,” he explains.

The desserts are unique in the truest sense as well as filling. There is enough variety for both chocolate lovers as well as those who are partial to other sweet items.

The ‘Hazelnut Creme Pot’ is a must-try for those who love nuts and chocolates. A great combination of chocolate, fresh cream and nuts, this one is sure to impress. While the base of the pot is made with nuts, it is filled with a creamy layer of dark chocolate and then topped with fresh cream and chocolate dust. Not only is it delicious, it also looks stunning.

The ‘Lychee Cream’, another popular item on the menu, leaves a lingering flavour of the fruit and nuts on the palate. The thick rich cream is laced with fruit as well as different nuts. This is then placed over crisp wafers, which melt in the mouth. An eclectic combination of two starkly opposite textures, it is quite an interesting dessert.

Aljeesh takes special interest in what his customers order and advises people on what they should and should not ask for. “There have been customers who have been
disappointed in the past. If a non-chocolate lover orders for a ‘Hazelnut Creme Pot’ just because they have heard about it from others, he or she might not like it. Hence, I
always explain to my customers what each item consists of. The ‘Lychee Cream’ is one of our best sellers,” he says. He adds, “It’s interesting how dessert lovers find their way to this place as I have done almost nothing to publicise the eatery. Many women come here with their families and ask us how we make a particular dessert.”

The open kitchen makes the experience of eating here wholesome. The other items that are served here include the ‘Double Decker Brownie’, ‘Raspberry and Coconut Panacotta’, ‘Chocolate Caramel Tart’, ‘Blackberry Chocolate Cheesecake’ and ‘Milk
Chocolate Panacotta’ — served with espresso cream — among others. The eatery is located on 12th Main Indiranagar. For details, contact Aljeesh at 9611348003.