IAF chief calls for synergy of forces

IAF chief calls for synergy of forces

IAF chief says future exercises will be joint operations

IAF chief calls for synergy of forces

India’s future operational experiences will invariably be joint-operations where a degree of synergy among the three services will be a key determinant of the final outcome, Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne said on Saturday.

Addressing gentlemen cadets at the passing-out parade of the132nd regular and allied courses at the Indian Military Academy here, the Air chief impressed upon them the need to broaden their horizons and interact and make friends with their counterparts from the other services.

“India’s future operational experiences will invariably be joint operations where, in addition to the specialised core competence of each service, the degree of synergy amongst the services will be a key determinant of the final outcome. So, widen your horizons, be ‘full spectrum’ in your thinking and develop a healthy professional respect for each other’s capabilities, as these will have a force multiplier effect on India’s future military power,” he said.

Browne, who is the chairman of the chiefs of staff committee, said the Army was going through a revolutionary phase of comprehensive capability enhancement. The young officers would be at the forefront of momentous changes.

“Irrespective of your chosen arms, you would be operating in a knowledge-centric environment and technology would be intrinsic to each and every facet of future combat operations. To meet the stringent demands of this new environment, there will be a need to constantly prepare and adapt. So my advice to you would be to ‘Never stop learning’,” he said.

He asked the young officers to strive for understanding every aspect of their job as future operational capabilities of the army will greatly depend on their professional capabilities.
Browne said it was a matter of honour for him to welcome 705 fine young men into the “Brotherhood of Arms.” He also congratulated officers from friendly foreign countries who passed out on Saturday.

Browne said the contours of national security challenges facing the country were fast evolving.

He said the service will bring the officers face-to-face with a multitude of challenges and these will define their character, value system and credibility in their team.

Browne said the gentlemen cadets’ future will be filled “with some good, some quite ordinary and some pretty bad times”, and they should draw on their training when faced with doubts, temptations, dilemmas and deliberations.