Chaos rules as ill-prepared BU starts BEd exams today

Chaos rules as ill-prepared BU starts BEd exams today

Students yet to get admission tickets

Chaos rules as ill-prepared BU starts BEd exams today

A day ahead of the first semester BEd exam which begins on June 10, Bangalore University (BU) seemed to have suddenly woken up to exam procedures on Sunday,
instructing all the colleges to furnish students’ internal assessment marks within seven hours.

Normally, the marks of internals are to be sent at least a week ahead of the exams. After having rescheduled the exams four times in the last three months, the university officials finally settled for June 10. A day before the exams, most of the examination procedures were incomplete including exam fee collection.

Principals and staff of affiliated colleges were furious on Sunday when the university, all of a sudden put up a notice asking them to furnish the internal assessment marks of all the candidates within the next seven hours. At 1 pm on Sunday, the Registrar (evaluation) R K Somashekar posted a notice on the university website, fixing
8 pm deadline for colleges to provide internal assessment marks. If colleges failed to provide the said information before 8 pm on Sunday, they would be liable to pay a fine.
Colleges were at a loss as the internal assessment marks cannot be kept ready as a hard copy. They have to be updated online only when the university puts up the link for the same on its website.

“What sort of a chaos is this? They send us a notice on Sunday giving a deadline on the same day. How are we supposed to provide them with all the information? There is nobody working in any of the colleges today. If they had at least informed a day earlier, colleges would have prepared themselves to work on Sunday and meet with the deadline,” said S Vijayalakshmi, principal, R V Teachers' College.

The admission tickets were issued only on Saturday and hence they were being forced to distribute it in the exam hall on Monday.

Exam fees not collected

The exam fee collected from the students have remained with colleges, without reaching the university as the officials at BU were unsure of the exam date till the last minute. As a result, on Monday, the university is conducting the first semester exam without collecting the exam fee and without data of the internal assessment marks. “The reason given for delaying the exam was that the university did not want to allow students from blacklisted colleges to appear for the exam. However, now it seems that a majority of them have secured the permission. What was the point in delaying the exam?” she asked.

R Latha Kumari, principal, Sanjay Gandhi College of Education said their college managed to update the internal assessment marks at the last minute.

“We heard that we would be liable for fine. Naturally, we panicked. This is unfair on the part of the university. They should inform us earlier. They should at least intimate over the phone,” she said. Also, the fee demand drafts sent to the university were sent back to the college as the university was not yet ready with the fee procedure. Students were unsure whether their exams would really begin on Monday as they had been rescheduled many times. This is the first time in the history of the university that the exam is being held without even collecting the exam fees, Prof Kumari added.

According to some academicians, many colleges were distributing identity cards to students a day ahead of the exam as none of the students in these colleges had attended a single class till date.