Prevent benami holding of land, Kheny tells govt

Prevent benami holding of land, Kheny tells govt

Bidar South MLA Ashok Kheny on Monday urged the State government to take measures to prevent vested interests from holding land meant for infrastructure projects.

The projects are getting delayed due to benami holding of lands, he added.

The moment the government announces an infrastructure project, vested interests purchase the land required for it, which leads to delay in implementation of the project, he said.

Kheny is also Managing Director of the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises which is implementing the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project. He said there is a need to enact Tort Act to punish those who file false cases in court.

“I have won 550 cases so far. Still many are pending. I have an expertise in facing false cases. Vested interests misuse the law only for harassing others. It should be stopped,” he added.