Andaman tsunami warning system can alert in 3 min: Scientist

Andaman tsunami warning system can alert in 3 min: Scientist

Andaman tsunami warning system can alert in 3 min: Scientist

The Early Tsunami Warning System installed at Rangachang in Andaman and Nicobar Islands can predict a tsunami immediately after an earthquake, Chief Scientist of National Institute of Ocean Technology Vinith Kumar said.

"The system can predict tsunami within 3 minutes after the occurrence of the initial tremors and send alerts," he said addressing a meet held at Dollygunj here yesterday.
The system would assess the impact of waves during the earthquake for the possibility of triggering tsunami and send the alerts, he said.

After that, tsunami alert would be issued to the risk zones by the Centre in consultation with Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) at Hyderabad.

An ocean impact studies in different risk zones have been conducted and pointed out the areas to be submerged during the inundation of sea water by 5 to 15 mt.

Kumar said the report has been submitted to the administration to take measures, particularly resettlement of the people in the risk areas, which are likely to be submerged in case of rising sea level during the earthquakes and tsunamis.

He also said that Centre has installed 10 Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD) in 10 locations across the islands, including Mayabandar, Dilgipur, Chidiayatapu, Hut Bay, Car Nicobar and Campbell Bay for the benefit of the fishermen.

These devices at the cost of Rs 10 lakhs each have been designed and installed to improve the fish catch.

Explaining the functioning of the device, the scientist said the device fitted with a light could attract bigger fish, especially tuna fish and thereby help the fishermen catch a large quantity of fish.

He also said that the centre is planning a solar desalination project in the islands.

The Centre has been carrying out several projects to explore the rich resources of the ocean, besides creating awareness about its crucial role of providing resources, oxygen and medicine.

An Islands Resource Information System (IRIS) has been developed for better exploitation of the resources.