Getting to know the rules

Getting to know the rules


Getting to know the rules

The CMR National PU College recently held the orientation for the first-year science and commerce students.

In the two-hour programme, held separately for science and commerce students, the management of the college took the students through the courses offered, college discipline and the academic achievement of the past students.

The orientation programme had students and their parents turn up in full strength.
Some parents had taken off from work for the day, others chose to clock in late to work. Either way, the parents wanted to support their children and stand by them on the opening day. The parents were just as eager as the students to not only look around the campus but also understand how the college functions and what values the institution stands for.

Principal Nandini Nagraj opened the programme by saying that education is not only learning and perfecting what is in the books. “The challenge for both the students and the teachers is to go beyond the textbooks. Our teachers are available to the students everyday after 1.30 pm, if the students need their help. We always encourage a one-on-one interaction between the teachers and the students,” she said. Nandini also mentioned that they had not only admitted students who have scored 95 per cent but also average students. We can’t have everybody scoring 90 and above all the time. We have a good mix of students,” she added.

Most parents were relieved that their wards had sailed through high school. They were mentally preparing their children for the next phase. Padma’s son Aditya aspires to become a pilot someday so he has chosen science stream at CMR. Padma says that she has always given her son the freedom to choose whatever he wants to do. “There has never been pressure from our end and but we have always told him that these two years are crucial and he has to put in his best efforts,” she said.

Aditya said that he had heard about the excellent faculty at CMR. “The coaching I am told is good here and they also devote sufficient time for extracurricular activities,” he said.

Gayathri and Shesha Narayana Chadaga have two sons — Kashyap and Supreeth Chadaga. Gayathri said that her sons did very well in high school and she hopes her children will be able to hold on to the pace of work. “My children have always struck a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. They’ve chosen the subjects they are interested in. There’s no compulsion from our end,” said Gayathri. Kashyap and Supreeth Chadaga said that they wanted to get into professional courses.