For frothy drinks and crisp snacks

For frothy drinks and crisp snacks

Much Variety

For frothy drinks and crisp snacks

It’s impossible to miss ‘Kulu Cafe’ while driving down Sarjapur Road. The eatery, which is located bang opposite the Wipro Corporate Office, is a riot of colours — it is done up with neon green and yellow panelling, bright pink counters and a polka-dotted front desk, completely with a chessboard-patterned wall. Inside, there’s barely enough room to sit.

   Customers generally crowd around the counters to place their orders, which are most
frequently for milkshakes or a fresh fruit juice.

Promptly, Muneer — who runs the eatery — will select a few fruits, nuts and cups of ice-cream from his stock, tip them into his blender and moments later, will proudly
return with a colourful drink.

“I started this eatery a few months ago,” explains Muneer, who runs the establishment with the help of two friends, Hussain and Anas.

I used to live in Dubai but after nine years there, I decided I’d had enough. I set up this eatery here because the location is good; there are a lot of professionals in the area, who drop in for a refreshing drink after work.”

That Muneer is enthusiastic about this venture is evident. The menu that he has put together for the eatery includes three main categories — juices, milkshakes and snacks. The juice section has the staple options like mango, orange, watermelon, pineapple, carrot, lemon and grape, among others.

They’re a perennial favourite at the eaterybecause they’re cool and
refreshing, served with ice. Muneer owns a fruit-and-vegetable store adjacent to the eatery and sources his ingredients from there.

The milkshakes are thicker and frothier and in most cases, made with richer fruits and nuts — avocado, chickoo, banana, dates and almonds, for instance.

But aside from these, Muneer has introduced some novel, bizarrely-named items to the list. For instance, there is ‘Zeesh’, a frothy drink made with layers of strawberry and mango. There is also ‘Burj Dubai’ — a taste of Dubai, as Muneer puts it — which is made, surprisingly, with kiwi and strawberry.

‘Disco’ comprises strawberry, butterfruit and vanilla ice-cream, layered in a mug and topped with tutti-frutti.

One of Muneer’s favourites is ‘Police Station’ — a medley of mango, banana, vanilla ice-cream and rose-flavoured syrup.

“We have many varieties here, which people won’t find at other places,” explains Muneer, proudly. “We use different combinations of fruit with ice-cream and garnishing to make a range of attractive, tasty drinks. Anas is particularly good at making the juices.”

In terms of the snacks, the pride of the eatery is the vegetable club sandwich.
This is a carefully-constructed three-level sandwich, with lightly toasted bread, crisp cutlet, shredded lettuce and red cabbage,a generous layer of mayonnaise and cheese, which is quartered and served with sliced tomato and

In addition to this, there
are egg and chicken sandwiches, bread and jam, plates of French fries, egg rolls
and vegetable and chicken

Customers who want to
finish off the meal on a healthy note can opt for
a fruit plate, which has slices of pear, strawberry and

   “Business is pretty good in this area, since there are office complexes around,” says Muneer.

“We’re planning on introducing new items on the menu — such as shawarma rolls — and possibly, we will soon start home-delivery service.”

   ‘Kulu Cafe’ is located opposite Wipro Corporate Office on Sarjapur Road. For details, call 60505055.