WADA seeking ways to pin down Agassi

Agassi's revelations in extracts of his autobiography “Open” stunned the tennis world and cast a shadow over the eight-times grand slam champion's glittering career.
"He took something from the banned list in 1997, we can't do much about that because it's outside the statute of limitations, the eight-year bar," WADA director general David Howman told Reuters on Sunday.  "
Two things need a little bit more inquiry, if he has lied, and he has confessed he lied, so he's obviously lied and he lied under oath then I think that warrants further investigation to see whether there might be any other charges.
"The second issue is, he had a lawyer represent him, does his lawyer know that he was lying?
"Maybe something can be done in relation to that."
"It may not be something the ATP has any jurisdiction over.” Howman said.

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