Nursing directorate urged to address problems

Nursing directorate urged to address problems

Change in role of nurses with changing needs discussed

Nursing directorate urged to address problems

P Nanda Prakash, Associate professor, College of Nursing of Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, rued that the nursing community had not been involved in the administrative process.

Delivering a lecture at a workshop, as part of Nurses Festival, organised by Karnataka State Government Nurses’ Association, here, on Saturday, he said that other than district nursing superintendents, there were no other designations dedicated for members of the community in the government. 

Recommending a few structures of organisational set up involving the nurses, he said that there was no separate directorate for nurses, which was necessary to address their problems. The nursing community presently comes under medical directorate and there was no room for nurses to participate in the administrative services.

He noted that there was no powers given to the community, and there was no organised staff programmes for them.

Even hospitals and nursing colleges did not have nurses in their administration division. There were technical issues which contributed to the problems, as nurses are not familiar with administration process.

Though the roles of the nursing community had changed from providing care to being educators, collaborators, counsellors, role models, researchers and managers, there was need to stress on involving nurses in the administration division.

A E Paramesh, Associate Professor of the college, emphasised the importance of researches in nursing, which he said had been neglected by the community.
He said that researches aided nurses in times of clinical decision making in critical situations.

He also said that the modern society had contributed to increased life span of human beings, which increased risks of chronic diseases.

To refine health care, there was need for devising new concepts. Services provided with the lack of care and information would land nurses in trouble, he added.

He said that nursing lacked evidence based practise. The present practise was based on descriptive studies and past experience studies.

He said that lack of availability of funds was the reason for students to shy away from taking research work.