'It was fun actually'

'It was fun actually'

Delhi Topper

'It was fun actually'

With an outstanding score of 323 out of a total of 360, Kartikeya Gupta broke all records to be the Capital topper and an all-India fourth rank holder in IIT-JEE. The 17-year-old emerged the JEE Advanced topper from Delhi, with 93 percent marks in Std XII.

Metrolife caught up with Kartikeya who is now planning to pursue Computer Science from IIT Delhi. Why not Mumbai? “I don’t want to leave my parents,” says the brilliant and devoted boy.

Kartikeya has enjoyed studying throughout, so when he was asked if he ever got bored, he exclaims, “It was fun, actually! It’s fun preparing for an exam which can be so rewarding.”

The topper used to study for about four to five hours when he had school and during holidays, he would extend the time up till ten to twelve hours.

Kartikeya did not limit himself to academics. He is the first member in his family to play tabla. “I have been playing tabla since I was ten years old and it is my passion.”

Apart from playing the percussion instrument, Kartikeya’s leisure time is spent listening to English songs and watching English movies. Our topper also seems to have his own favourite picks and counts amongst his favourites Natalie Portman and Morgan Freeman when asked about his favourite Hollywood actors and actresses.

Do you want to pursue academics abroad in future and he says, “I haven’t thought about it yet.” But, we know that is where, all the IITians secretly land up later.