Stories can change the world

Stories can change the world

Delightful Tales

Enthralling young children with old familiar stories is the ultimate aim of Story Ghar, which came up with yet another session of highly imaginative storytelling.

This time included famous stories like Town Musicians of Bremen with the main characters given a completely new look and name. The old donkey of the story was rechristened ‘Gadhaprasad’, the dog ‘Tommyprasad’, the cat ‘Kitty’ and the cock as ‘Bangprasad’ to tune in the funny quotient.

Each of these characters was enacted by the creative, charming director of Story Ghar, Jaishree Sethi. In the second tale, The Emperor and His New Clothes, Jaishree and her long-standing associate, Shameer Khan enacted the whole narrative with Shameer playing multiple roles of the emperor, minister as well as the palace guard while Jaishree enacted the weaver.

It has been one-and-a half years since Jaishree came up with the idea of these novel storytelling sessions and all has been well since. Story Ghar has made teaching a lot of fun, interactive and dramatic – with the introduction of colourful pictures, banners and posters that children find delightful.

Jaishree has a small team where one plays the flute, another sings while the third is a guitarist. The dramatised narration, the body movement, the over-the-top expressions (which the children love) makes Story Ghar different and unique.

It was a delightful treat to watch Kahaani ki Maharani, through Sethi’s storytelling style and her performance left everyone mesmerised. Jaishree enacted her stories, danced and sang as well on the stage and her session turned out to be even more enjoyable when she called upon the children to come up on stage and dance along with her!

Metrolife caught up with Jaishree to understand the concept she works with: “When I say story, that does not always have to have a king. Share your stories; break all the barriers that you have. Stories can change the world.”

People often get confused when they are asked to choose between passion and profession. Profession brings you money and passion brings you happiness. Choosing passion and living up with it, surely isn’t an easy choice but the storyteller left her corporate job to fulfil her passion.

“Having spent 14 years in the media, I have acquired a lot of skills. My stay in US has also exposed me to a lot of things. After coming back to India, I wanted to explore something new,” and it was her fondness for children that led Jaishree to come up with Story Ghar. “Storytelling has great power. Children specially love it. I started working with kids because they are very natural and honest. If they don’t like something, they will tell you that on your face.”

When asked about her future plans Jaishree shares that she wants, “to take storytelling to the virtual world. I want to open an institute and start a school where learning is never forced.”