As original as it gets

As original as it gets

Contemporary jazz

As original as it gets

The ‘Sharik Hasan New York Quartet: The Cutting Edge of Contemporary Jazz’, a high-energy performance, was held at Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield recently. The group of four musicians included Sharik Hasan, a pianist and composer; Adam Larson on the saxophone; Raviv Markowitz on double bass and Philippe Lemm on the drums. The compositions which were performed included ‘Peach’, ‘Ascension’, ‘Odyssey’, ‘Song for the Wicked,’ ‘Onwards’, ‘Hymn’,  and ‘Confluence’.

Sharik said that all the songs were original compositions.

“It was in college that I got drawn to music. It was the spontaneity, improvisation, rhythm and freedom of jazz that got me hooked on to it,” he added.

   “In Mumbai, we had a very attentive audience and there was pin-drop silence at the venue as we performed, which made us play better. In Pune, it was a complete contrast. It was a light-hearted atmosphere with an encouraging crowd. We don’t know what exactly to expect here. But we are excited to perform,” said Sharik prior to the concert.

“Each of us has an interesting style. There is a mix of influences, be it Indian classical, western classical, blues and rock which come together when we play,” added Sharik. Philippe said that he found the audience here enthusiastic.

   He had just graduated from the Manhattan School of Music and will be coming to Mumbai to teach in a music school. Raviv, who started playing the piano at the age of 11, plays in a number of bands. “We are here to spread music. We’ve got a chance to travel across the country. There are a number of good musicians who give us a lot of feedback after the show,” he said.

“A lot of young people came up to us and were eager to talk to us, which was encouraging,” said Adam.

Sharik and the other members of the quartet excelled in the performance. M Arvind, a regular at such gigs, felt that the ‘diverse talents of the quartet blended seamlessly with a memorable and mellow evening’.