A thrilling life for this Dhawan

A thrilling life for this Dhawan


A thrilling life for this Dhawan

Though he comes with a back up of a popular surname, he is no longer referred to as the son of a director but as a hero of mainstream Hindi cinema. Meet Varun Dhawan.

Even after experiencing a thrilling ride at India’s first indoor roller-coaster at Adlabs Imagica, the actor manages to remain steady even if his head is feeling a little dizzy. “I do like thrill in real life but not too much,” and a short laugh follows before he adds, “But once in a while it is great to escape for a weekend break and experience excitement and entertainment!”

It is ‘entertainment’ that overpowered Varun in his childhood. Though he graduated in business management from Nottingham Trent University, UK, he says, “I always wanted to be an entertainer deep down. But I didn’t know then which form of entertainment I would take up. My business management made me worldly-wise. Since it’s my dream to play different characters, probably tomorrow when I have to play a businessman, my education will help me!”

It is this positive attitude that has helped him crack the code of becoming a ‘hero’ in Bollywood with Student of the Year. “Anyone who does a film, works hard and tries to give their best. But, if you hit the bull’s eye, you are talked about. I was lucky that Karan (Johar) was always there to guide us but effort-wise I gave in my 100 per cent!”

Then came D-Day but Varun couldn’t help himself from not being analytical. “The first time I saw myself on screen, it was a bit strange,” says the actor who has already been an assistant director on KJo’s My Name is Khan. “It was really huge for me and since I am extremely self-critical, I started analysing myself. Back then I didn’t like a lot of things I did on screen but now I am kind of more satisfied with what I do and criticise myself less.”

But no matter how much Varun may criticise himself, his female fan-following has loved his chiseled-bod. “I worked out a lot and still do,” says Varun who is busy shooting for Main Tera Hero, which is being directed by his dad, David Dhawan.
Varun, however, feels lucky to work with his father. “For 26 years, I have been fortunate to have him as a father. But now I am dealing with David Dhawan, the director. I am selfish and want to gain as much knowledge from him, as I can because I am working with the man who has done more than 40 films and which have had a high success rate!”

As for planning for the future, Varun wants to “take one step at a time and at present I am most excited to be playing the part of a very Indian boy from Ooty in Main Tera Hero.” All the best, Varun!