Midway advantage

Midway advantage

How very typical in Indian cinemas where the mid riff is the major focus.

Middle born, middle in the line, midway, mid-riff, exciting fillings between two slices of bread slapped together, your name beginning with letters from the middle of the alphabet, well all this can be quite an adventure. Being middle born for instance, can be an advantage as you may not have to take big decisions or to be continuously given instructions like the oldest is or considered the baby like the youngest always is.

Middle in the line, you still have a few minutes to check a few last minute things out say if you are at an assembly in school, maybe organising things in your file, adjusting your uniform, bite of that last nail you forgot to clip etc. Midway, well of course an advantage, say living not too close to school so when you really want that holiday and stay home you can do it all in peace! Then comes the midriff….The movie Rowdy Rathore comes to mind, Sonakshi Sinha as Paru, mesmerising Akshay Kumar as Shiva, by tapping a toe tapping tune on her rather attractive mid riff. How very typical in Indian cinemas where the mid riff is the major focus. Well, our traditional attire, the sari speaks the same. This becomes an added must to keep a trim middle. And then come sandwich fillers.

Subway is one exciting sandwich spot for me where I enjoy a really stuffed middle, a gala assortment of ham, cheese and veggies generously loaded with mayo, a sure filler, but well, I better watch my mid riff. So as I watch my daughter’s favorite episode of Maya the Bee with her, I notice Maya right in the middle of the flower sucking on some yummy nectar. Then, it was always an advantage for those whose names began with letters from the middle of the alphabet, compared with names beginning with A, B or C where your name would be called out first during attendance time in the classroom and just in case you are running late may lose out on attendance!

Every morning, my 10 year old daughter runs to open the door to get the newspaper. It is not the first or the second page she looks at but  goes straight to the middle to check on the movies showing, the cartoons and the crossword. So there begins the excitement for the day, right in the middle.  I love reading the middle. That little piece sure is tangy or sometimes quite a bit to ponder over. Then of course, the two editorials sure form the synopsis of current events making it possible to act as pieces of conversation. So, it sure does feel good to be in the middle of things!