Only one corporate offers help

Only one corporate offers help

 As Uttrakhand battles a mammoth tragedy, barring one, no corporate house has so far come forward to adopt or rehabilitate villages crying for help. The sole gesture of corporate social responsibility has been announced by a trust which runs a 1,000-bed hospital in the state capital.

The Himalayan Institute of Hospital Trust (HIHT) has announced that it would adopt at least 50 villages which have been affected by the floods in the state.

The deluge has left hundreds of villages in a state of ruin. Several villages have been completely washed away, while many others which survived the torrents present a picture of devastation.

Fields, houses, roads, schools, animal shelters and shops have got washed away. Close to a hundred villages are completely cut-off from the rest of the country. Till date, no big or small corporate house in the country have announced to adopt or rehabilitate these villages.

Sources maintain, one reason why corporate houses have so far not extended a helping hand could be that there are still sketchy details, even with the state government, as to how many villages have been hit by the floods and need help.

Chairman of HIHT Vijay Dhasmana told Deccan Herald in Dehradun that the trust will do all it can to help these villages come out of the crisis.

He said the trust will ensure that these villages get a supply of clean and safe water through a network of pipelines, adequate sanitation and heath facilities. School buildings in some villages have been destroyed, for which the trust will ensure necessary measures, he added.