Students develop robot to detect bombs

Three-wheeler motorbike and 'Cued click point' are other innovations

Students develop robot to detect bombs

Robots to detect bombs, three-wheelers for those who are suffering from dwarfism, sound signature password to protect data in computers. All these are the achievements of the students of PES Engineering college in the city.

Harsha J V, Ravikiran Y B, Naveenkumar M S and Keerthana M Raj students of Electronics and Communication department have developed Alphabot Innovative, multifunctional robot.

Addressing news persons here on Monday, Harsha said the loss of lives could be prevented by using these robots in place of manpower to detect bombs at the suspected places.

The robots can also be used in places where human entry is limited like narrow caves and also at times of suspected terrorist attacks. Gas sensors and smoking sensors have been installed, which sends alerts during leakage of gas or fire. Apart from this, other sensors are also used and can be controlled through computers, mobiles and voice. These robots respond to voice control in Kannada language too, he said.With the manufacturing cost at Rs 10,000 to 12,000, it can be used in houses, by companies and hospitals, as it can be operated at a distance of 1.5 kms. Batteries used can be charged with solar energy. The entire project was guided by Prof B S Nanda, he said.

Vehicle for dwarfs

The Mechanical engineering students have developed a three-wheeler motorbike to be used by those suffering from dwarfism (MPS-4). A steering has been installed along with accelerator to provide comfort for the riders.

Hydraulic brakes have been used and the vehicle can be controlled by a brake supported by sensor technology, said Gurudutt H M, one of the students. The manufacturing cost of the bike is said to be Rs 75,000 and two students of the college have already been using the bike successfully. Such bikes may cost lakhs of rupees if it has to be purchased from traders, he said.

Students Deepak N R, Arjun N, Mohammed Shakeeb and Basavanna Y S have developed the bike under the guidance of Dr T Nagaraju, K S Abhinandan.

Information Technology students Rakesh P, Kaushal P K, Praveenkumar R and Karthik B H have adapted ‘Cued click point’ to prevent leakage of computer data. According to this technology, the computer can be logged on through only voice mode using Integration of Sound Signature using graphical password authentication system and a portion of the photograph in the gallery.

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