A space for fun activities

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A space for fun activities

Although there are some who feel that the City is bereft of open spaces, most Bangaloreans agree that there is enough space to have new activity centres — much like the one around the MG Road Metro station.

The activity centre on MG Road is quite a crowd-puller. It isn’t just children who visit it; there are many youngsters who prefer to spend time with friends here, trying their hand at something new. A refreshing break from the malls, these activity centres could become a new place to meet people, as well as a hub of art and craft in the City.
Metrolife speaks to a few Bangaloreans, who suggest places in the City that could
be converted into activity centres.

Shanti, a small-scale entrepreneur, says that Devanahalli is a good area to have an activity centre as that is one of the entry points to the City and is frequented by tourists. “Both art and trade will flourish through these activity centres. Many foreigners come to the City through the airport and once the word about such an activity centre is spread, they will definitely visit the place.

It will also help in propagating the art of the State and give an opportunity to small-scale entrepreneurs,” says Shanti.

She adds that the stretch from Sarjapur Road to Bannerghatta Road is also a potential area as a lot of IT professional pass that route. An activity centre would be
relaxing as well and welcoming for them.

Many others suggest that the area being covered by the Metro would also be great spots for activity centres. As many visit the Metro on weekends, these activity
centres can provide a perfect opportunity to engage in some fun games as well as art.

Anuj, a professional, says that activity centres would be a great alternative to malls. “The City has very few options if one wants to go out and have a nice time. There are times when we don’t want to spend money but simply have fun. These activity centres could be the ideal place for those with a tight budget, who are looking to do something different over the weekend,” he notes.

They could also become a hub of popular and folk artistes, many point out.
Both upcoming and popular artistes can perform at these centres.

Rajesh Jain, an entrepreneur, says that spaces near malls can also be converted into activity centres. “Many people visit malls just to window shop. Activity centres in and around malls can become a popular destination for this section of the population,” he says.

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