These photos are indeed Nice

Framed memories

These photos are indeed Nice

One of the most loved photography shows of Delhi is back. Nicefoto – the
annual exhibition of amateur photographers from across the world - is being held at the Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre.

In the offing are 158 stunning photographs not just from Delhi but hobbyist shutterbugs from as far as China, Netherlands, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia.

Nicephoto is organised by Delhi Photography Club (DPC) – a popular collective of amateur lensmen and women. DPC works through its well-known Facebook group as well as a website. It boasts of no less than 30,000 members and is acclaimed for its weekly workshops for beginners, photo walks, heritage photo tours and such exhibitions.

Virendra Shekhawat, founder-member, DPC, informs Metrolife, “When we started in 2009, photography had just begun gathering interest amongst masses. With the rising popularity of Facebook, though, photography has reached its zenith. Earlier, an amateur had to either be content with framing and hanging his photographs at home or hold an expensive exhibition. Today, you just upload a photograph on Facebook and become a minor celebrity.”

“We have been holding this exhibition for the last two years now and the quality is only getting better. This time, we got 11,000 entries and selected 158 with a lot of difficulty. These include people of ages 13 to 65 years and from all walks of life – professionals, homemakers and students. Of course we have taken care to exclude any professional lensmen from the show.”

These photographs certainly exude a charm and innocence possible only through an amateur’s eye. A monkey turns a tap to get some water, a bunch of boys hold their ears as if in punishment though smiling, two ants are fighting – a really close close-up and sunrays filter through a forest. Then there are the portraits - Rajasthani nomads, Sikh warriors, African tribals and a Ladakhi bride who blushes pink.

Landscapes are abundant – not just the monuments of Delhi, Leh’s denuded hills, Kolkata’s Ganga Ghat or Haridwar’s Sandhya Pooja, but also the Eiffel Tower, Dubai’s soaring skyline, the London Bridge and the Niagara falls! The wildlife shots are a complete take-me-home: majestic lions of Gir, curious deers, dancing peacocks and parakeets in love.

A 65-year-old environmental consultant, BD Sharma, who participated in the event, shares, “I visit so many places on official tours and take pictures there to remember them later on. I don’t think too much about lens, lighting and frames when taking the photographs. When a scene appeals to me, I instinctively know that I must click. Those are the purest, blessed shots, I feel.”

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