Greed cannot compete with ghosts

Greed cannot compete with ghosts

Greed cannot compete with ghosts

Kannada (A) ¬¬¬
Cast: Chiranjeevi Sarja, Gurupradas, Praneetha
Director: Prashant Raj

After declaring that he won’t make a remake, director Prashant Raj succumbed to the “charm” and has come up with Whistle, remake of last year’s surprise hit, Pizza. And why not? The script is taut, narration even more so. So gripping is this ordinary tale presented, that one cannot help but get sucked into its world.

A pizza delivery boy and his girlfriend bicker constantly over his fear of the supernatural. When the girl becomes pregnant, it is time for the hero to grow up and take responsibility. They marry. One day, his employer entrusts him with a box to be delivered at his home, after making pizza delivery. The box never reaches its destination. The boy turns up after a long time, covered in dust and blood. He is weeping and wailing for his girlfriend, apparently killed by a ghost. Is that the truth? Or is he lying?

Chiranjeevi Sarja and Praneetha are a good looking pair and their ease with each other works to the film’s advantage. The supporting cast, kept to a minimum, is money’s worth as well.

With Guruprasad’s dialogues providing the necessary lift, it is left for the script to carry forward the story to its logical conclusion. By sticking mostly to the original, the director comes away unscathed even when the last portions of the second half threaten to drag on.

Prashant must also be lauded for his choice of cinematographer and composer. Joshua Sridhar’s background score is terrific, to say the least, sending pulses soaring and keeping them at that height. The few songs could have been dispensed of. Santosh Rai Pathaje excels again with the lighting and placement.

Overall, a cracker of a film that deserves a long and sweet seeti. Whistle, please!