'Speedy solution to MG mkt soon'

'Speedy solution to MG mkt soon'

MUDA sanctions Rs 25 lakh; toilets, drinking water facilities pending

'Speedy solution to MG mkt soon'

Witnessing the plight of vendors at the vegetable market on Mahatma Gandhi road (behind exhibition grounds), here, on Sunday, Revenue and District-In-Charge Minister V Sreenivas Prasad instructed Mysore City Corporation officials to take immediate measures to provide temporary basic facilities to the vendors.

The Minister who made a spot inspection, sought information on the present status of the disputed 14 acre 13 gunta land, which is pending before court. He directed MCC to set up temporary toilets, clean the drainage line which runs alongside the market, and clean up the surroundings.

The market is part of the 145 acre 13 gunta land belonging to the Karnataka Exhibition Authority. The land was donated by the erstwhile Mysore rulers for public purpose in the year 1950.   A few years ago, the market land was auctioned by the income tax department, and it was bought by a private party, who in turn sold it to one K N Rama Murthy.

Murthy had however moved the Supreme Court two and half years ago, when the then deputy commissioner P Manivannan, who was also in-charge of Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA), with the intention of providing shelter to the vegetable vendors had initiated construction of zinc sheet shelters.

MUDA had also sanctioned Rs 25 lakh for construction of the shelters, of which Rs 20 lakh has been utilised so far. The pending works include provision of toilets, drinking water facility and a trench.

However, with the court orders that the status quo of the property be maintained with regard to its nature, title and position, and stays the construction works.

The final hearing of the case, which is still pending before the Apex is in December.
The Minister assured that the government would also take measures to speed up the case in the Court.