'College is a different ballgame'

The first-year BCom, BBM and BCA students of PES South Campus were formally inducted into the college during a recent event.

Teachers and senior students gave them a talk and interacted with them to make them feel at home.

The students were asked to introduce themselves to break the ice.

Shilpa, a first-year BBM student, says that she is excited to finally be in college and that the transition has been quite smooth for her.

“It has been a good experience for me till now. The best part about college are the teachers. They are friendly and guide us like friends. We are learning in new ways. This makes the entire process fun-filled and enjoyable — unlike the conventional style, which is quite boring. I am also looking forward to the cultural activities here. Since I sing, I hope to participate in inter-collegiate competitions,” she says.

Some of the students say that though they miss their friends from school, they are all set to make new ones.

Interacting with senior

students was also quite an experience for them. Akash, a first-year BCA student, says that he is looking forward to meeting new people.

“I do miss my old friends from school. But college is a different ballgame and it is nice to meet new people from different backgrounds and places. The seniors are very helpful and friendly. I have had an opportunity to interact with them and they have been nice to us so far. I am enjoying my stint in the college,” he notes.

For some students, pursuing the course of their choice is a dream come true.

Rupesh, a first-year BBM student, always wanted to pursue business management and is happy to study here now. “The infrastructure in the college is good. I want to concentrate on academics and make the best use of the time that I will spend here. I also wish to make many friends. Being in college is a different feeling and I feel a lot more responsible now. I hope to learn a lot in these coming years,” he sums up.

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