Virtual reality grips you in real life


Virtual reality grips you in real life

Collapsing buildings in front of you make you duck, water sprinkles on you as you shudder watching a tsunami approach, ants and bats crawl up your legs and arms and making matters worse, is an underwater dive that literally takes you into the depths of the ocean without making you soaking wet – all this and more is what you endure while enjoying a movie in theatre! And you thought 3D was fun!

If you thought this is some virtual world which cannot exist in reality, think again! The latest film technology will literally take you on an adventure tour. Entertainment knows no bounds, especially when it comes to films. With new experiments, film-viewing is no longer only about a flat screen. If you thought 3D technology is the best innovation, then this recent development will surely blow you away.

Spread across malls, Delhi now boasts of 5D movie theatres, introduced a couple of years ago. Although the movies screened are animated and short durations, ranging from five to 20 minutes only, the experience is nothing short of entering virtual reality. “As the effects are very strong, duration of the films are kept short, to avoid any stress or extended impact it may have on people,” says JD Dhawan, owner of Orbit 5D cinema hall in West End Mall, Janakpuri.

Watched using the normal 3D specs, extra effects like chairs moving, water sprinkling and wind blowing around the theatre are what differentiates 5D movies from regular 3D ones. “Although the tickets are costly considering the short duration of the films, the effects are very real, making it worth the price. Overall, its great entertainment,” exclaims Snigdha Verma after watching a 5D movie at Bonzai Adventure, V3S Mall, Laxmi Nagar. The tickets range between Rs 100-200 per person per show. “Technology has really advanced. 5D is a good option for people of any age group as it helps to live a fantasy world in real life,” she adds.

Children are obviously having a gala time. “The effects were very real. When there is a storm in the movie, I could really feel the wind around me. The insects and skeletons seemed so close that I actually moved my hand to avoid them!” shrieks Snigdha’s fascinated young sister, Unnati.

Correct timing and coordination are important to render the best special effects. “Films have to be programmed and processed to incorporate the right effects at the right time,” Dhawan further explains.

The main receptive points in the human body sensitively respond to all the special effects created in a 5D movie theatre, multiplying the overall film-viewing experience. “New and lengthy movies with more of 5D effects are required. It is a superb technology, but such places should be encouraged on a larger platform in the Capital,” says another enthusiast Nauman Ahmed.

Considered a breakthrough in modern cinematography, 5D is a promising development which may also be used extensively for most of our movies in future.

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