Their goal is to bring students together

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Their goal is to bring students together

There’s a renewed sense of optimism among the Jyoti Nivas College girls. Students voted recently for their new student union and the final five are here to stay for the academic year of 2013-14. Metrolife speaks to the confident members, who are eager to make a difference.

Rochelle Maryann Stephens, the new student president, is all smiles as she talks about her plans for her last year in the college. “We want to show students that there are a lot of opportunities that this college offers.

We all agree that college life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and people should live it up. Our focus is on cultural activities and we will encourage students to explore their potential in different fields. Another concern is academics and we want to raise the standard of education,” she shares.

Vice-president Vaishnavi Narayanan is confident about her role and says that she
will go all out to back up her president and the rest of the union. “When Rochelle is busy or even in her absence, I will shoulder her responsibility and make sure that the
required work is done.

Our collective goal is to bring the college together as one big family. It’s currently divided based on streams into art, commerce and science. Over the next year, however, that is going to change,” says Vaishnavi assertively. 

The new cultural secretary is Vanhmingliani, who is already busy preparing for the upcoming ‘Freshers’ Queen’. She says, “Our first goal is increased participation from the entire student body when it comes to extracurricular activities. I want to let young talents feel confident to perform and make it more culturally diverse. What happens right now is that only the college team ends up performing at fests and college events. But we want more people to form their own groups and showcase their skills.”

All these events that the union speaks of require funding, be it from the college or external sponsors. Bearing the burden of ensuring this is treasurer Soumya Thomas, who is eager to carry out her role.  

“Generally, not much importance is given to my position. But I know that no event can happen without a treasurer. We will start approaching different companies much earlier this year for sponsorship so that our foundation is stronger than ever before,” she notes.

Last but certainly not the least is the sports secretary, the post of which has been
given to Madhuri MR. “Last year, our teams lost at the semi-finals at various fests. This year, we want to improve our standard and for that, we will have morning and afternoon practice sessions.

Attendance will be compensated to these students and over the year, they will also be given jerseys, lockers and awards for their contribution,” explains Madhuri, adding, “last year, each girl was in three to four sports teams. This year, we will make it separate so that each one can excel and allow others to as well.”

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