Shotgun working hard on Telugu for Ramu's 'Rakta Charitra'

Shotgun working hard on Telugu for Ramu's 'Rakta Charitra'

Shotgun working hard on Telugu for Ramu's 'Rakta Charitra'

"I am working hard on Telugu to bring originality in dialogue delivery in the movie. I listen carefully from the tutor the meaning and expression of the words used in the film in Telugu and only after that deliver the dialogue," Sinha said.

"For the sake of perfection I glanced through a large number of Telugu literatures and also saw many Telugu films," Sinha said.

The 63-year-old actor, popularly known as Shotgun Sinha, is playing the lead role in the movie being made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

"I am sure by the time the movie is completed I will be well versed in Telugu language," Sinha, who has acted in several Bangla and Punjabi films in the past besides Hindi, added. Sinha and actor Vivek Oberoi are presently shooting in different locations of Andhra Pradesh for both Hindi and Telugu versions of the film simultaneously.

"Shatrujee's dialogue delivery in Telugu is full of emotion and every bit of it sounds original...this is great of a man hitherto not knowing the language of Andhra Pradesh," Prabhat Pandey associated with the production of the film said.

This is for the the first time that an actor-turned politician Sinha, who is BJP MP from Patna Saheb in Bihar, will be playing role of another artiste-politician (late NTR) on the silver screen. "It's very difficult to act on the pattern of NTR, who was himself a great artiste. I am trying to live upto the challenge by working hard on the role in my own style," Sinha, who in 36 years of his Bollywood career will be seen without moustache for the first time, said.

While Sinha, known for his trademark pencil moustache has shaved off his facial hair for the film, actor Vivek Oberoi will be seen sporting moustache for the first time in his acting career. New actress Radhika is also in the movie which director Ramgopal Varma said will be similar to Mahabharta in tone and spirit.