'CBI finds violation of rules by Walmart in Indian deal'

'CBI finds violation of rules by Walmart in Indian deal'

CBI has found violation of RBI and FEMA regulations by retail multinational Walmart in a business deal it struck with Bharti group before FDI in multi-brand retail was allowed in the country, CPI leader M P Achuthan said here today.

The Rajya Sabha member, who took up the matter with the Prime Minister a year ago, said CBI had recently communicated to him that the business deal involved violation of regulations but expressed its inability to probe the matter further since FEMA violation does not come under its purview.

The CBI, in its letter, said the matter was "analysed" by the agency and it "revealed violations of RBI guidelines and FEMA regulations".

The Economic Intelligence Wing of the agency, which looked into his complaint, said the matter was closed by it since RBI and FEMA regulations do not fall under its purview, Achuthan said in a statement.

The CPI leader said he has also taken up the matter with the Enforcement Directorate and would decide on the future course of action after getting its response.

According to Achuthan, Walmart invested USD 100 million in Cedar Support Service of Bharti group in 2010 and this investment was diverted to retail trade when FDI in retail was barred in this country.

Achuthan, in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in September 2012, wanted the matter to be investigated.

Voicing concern over the delay in pursuing the matter, he wrote to the Prime Minister again last month and the matter was forwarded to CBI and the Central Vigilance Commission.

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