Heavy inflow boosts KRS level

Heavy inflow boosts KRS level

Inflow into the KRS reservoir has witnessed a surge in the last three days, fuelling expectations of the reservoir reaching its maximum limit well before the end of July.

On Sunday, the reservoir level reached 119.9 feet and is expected to cross 120 feet late in the night. The reservoir received an inflow of 40,468 cusecs, while the outflow was 4,156 cusecs.

On the same day last year, owing to scanty rainfall, water level in the reservoir was 75.8 feet. Inflow during the day was a  meagre 2,100 cusecs and outflow was 2,783 cusecs.
The reservoir, which has a capacity of 49 tmc ft, now has 43 tmc ft.

If the inflow to the reservoir continues at the current rate, it is expected to reach the maximum level within the next 48 hours.

Sources said that there were good chances of opening the gates of the reservoir in the late hours of Tuesday. Water is released into the river as soon as the level reaches 122 feet.

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