Making her mark

Making her mark

Rising star

Making her mark

Cinema runs in her blood so it wasn’t a surprise when Nakshatra told her family that she was ready to face the arc lights. Having been the most pampered and protected in the family, it was difficult for her to convince them that she was ready. In fact her mother, the well-known veteran actress Sumithra warned her that a life in films is not an easy one. Despite that, Nakshatra’s determination to enter movies kept her going and she landed with two prestigious projects — Sunil Kumar Desai’s Saregama and Prakash’s Gokula.

Taking her first few footsteps were a bit nerve-wracking especially since she has never had any formal training in acting but her father, the well-known director-cum-producer, D Rajendra Babu gave her the confidence that acting comes through experience and not books. He told her that one must have patience to excel it. A piece of advice that not many actors get before entering the industry.

“Being born in a family which has established itself in the industry is always helpful, but I think it is my own hard work and contribution which will pave the way for me getting accepted in the industry,” says she.

So why didn’t she start under her father’s direction? “I have always known my dad as a father never as a director. I have heard that he has a bad temper on the sets and being the emotional person that I am, I was worried that I wouldn’t live up to his expectations,” she adds.   

But she has a lot to live up to, especially since her sister, Uma Maheshwari, too had worked in many Kannada and Tamil films before she got married and left the industry. “Comparisons are bound to be there but people must know that we are two completely different individuals.”

“Every actor has his or her limitations and I certainly can’t do all the roles she has done and vice versa. So one should see us separately,” adds Nakshatra.
 Meet her for the first time and one will see that she is a silent, innocent, little girl, very much like the part of Maha Lakshmi, which she plays in Gokula. But gradually, when she opens up, she turns into a bubbly, talkative and confident girl who has set big dreams for herself, like the part she plays in Saregama. “I am a bit of both, that’s why I am so excited about both my movies.

What was even more nice was the experience of working with my directors. They allowed me to be myself and let me take the character as I please, which was such a relief,” explains Nakshatra.

Gokula will also see her working alongside her mother. “It was nice to travel together to shoots and share the make-up room with my mother. More than anything, it was nice to have someone to talk and be free with on the sets. That’s not all. My mother was the one who had a ball of a time as everyone simply loved her,” she adds.     
Future has a lot in store for this young, biotech student. She even hints on a family production where she probably may get her father to act, but she is in no hurry.
Though today she eagerly awaits for both her films to hit the screens, it is her patience that will pay off one day.