Show me the money!

Show me the money!

Bollywood has surely made its mark on the world by not just making a staggering number of movies in a year, but by also breaking records with the moolah that is being invested in a single project.

The recently released Blue was said to be the biggest and the most expensive movie made till date in Indian cinema, estimated at a whopping Rs 80 crores, with additional crores spent on the marketing and promotions.
Just when everyone in Bollywood was talking about the humungous budget of Blue, James Cameron (the maker of Titanic and Terminator) is here with his next film that seems to have crossed all records not only in terms of the budget but also the    technique of film-making with its path-breaking technology.

Avatar, Cameron’s forthcoming action adventure is a fantasy epic made on a whopping budget of Rs 1200 crores (approx US$ 230 million) that clearly makes it the biggest film ever made.

Avatar is James Cameron’s first directorial effort since Titanic, an epic film that still holds the title for the highest grossing film of all time.

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