MNS apologises to Assembly

MNS apologises to Assembly

Raj Thackeray

The apology was tendered by MNS floor leader Bala Nandgaonkar, who told the House that what happened was “quite spontaneous” as the newly elected members had “lost their cool” and did whatever they did in a “fit of rage.”

“Our (four) members committed a mistake... three of them have been elected to the House for the first time. They have expressed their regret to this august assembly, please reduce their punishment,” Nandgaonkar pleaded. The House then discussed whether to reduce the suspension period of the MNS legislators and the procedures involved in that direction. If the suspension period is to be reduced, then the assembly will have to pass a new resolution.

And that can be done only during the winter session of the legislature, which will begin at Nagpur on December 8. As this debate on the concluding day of the three-day special session went on, no solution was in sight and no decision was taken.

Earlier in the day, MNS leader Atul Sarpotdar said the party will apologise in the assembly as it was not its intention to malign the image of the house. “However, there is no question of apologising to Azmi,” he asserted.