Test your word power

Test your word power

CAT 2009

The CAT paper setters have also tested students for their knowledge of foreign expressions that have found their way into the English language. The following is a list of words from languages like German, French,  Latin etc — expressions that promote comprehension levels.

* In initio (L): From the beginning.

* Ad nauseam (L): To the pitch of producing disgust.

* Aficionado (SP): Lover, amateur, ardent follower.

* A la carte (Fr): According to the bill of fare.

* Bel air (Fr): Fine deportment.

* Bete noire (Fr): A black beast, a bugbear.

* De facto (L): In actual fact, really actual.

* De jure (L): By right, rightful.

* Faux pas (Fr): A false step, a mistake.

* Ipso facto (L): By that very fact: thereby.

* Par excellence (Fr): Eminently by way of idea.

* Peccavi (L): I have sinned.

* Sine die (L): Without a day (appointed) of a meeting or matter indefinitely adjourned.

* Prima facie (L): On the first view, at first sight.

* Raison d’etre (Fr): Reason for existence.

*Soigne (Fr): Well groomed.

*Status Quo (L): The state in which, the existing condition.

*Sub judice (L): Under consideration.

* Sub poena (L): Under a penalty.
* Verbatim (L): Word for word, letter for letter.

*Vice versa (L): The other way round.

What’s the good word?
1) Ailuromania                                 
Intense enthusiasm for cats.

2) Entomomania                                
Fascination for insects.

3) Cynomania                                      
Intense enthusiasm for dogs.

4) Hippomania                                     
Craving for horses.

5)Ophidiomania                                   e)Fascination for reptiles

6) Orinthomania                                   
Fascination with birds.

7) Zoo mania                                         
Intense enthusiasm for animals
8) Florimania                                         
Interest in plants.

Find the odd one out
1 a) Ebony b) Cranberry c) Garnet d) Vermilion e) Lobster

2 a) Muggy b) Sweltering c) Torrid d) Sleet e) Sultry
3 a)  Fetid b)  Noisome c)  Rancid d)  Putrid e)  Redolent

4 a) Burlesque b) Lampoon
c) Caricature d) Parody e) Tragedy

5 a) Frugal b) Niggardly
c) Thrifty d) Parsimonious
e) Spendthrift

6 a) Proclivity b) Aversion c) Propensity d) Penchant e) Predisposition

7 a) Epicurean b) Sybaritic
c) Gourmet d) Lavish e) Spartan

8 a) Commendation b) Vilification c) Contumely d) Vituperation e) Billingsgate

9 a) Cantankerous b) Placid
c) Splenetic d) Testy e) Cranky

10 a) Mass b) Spark c) Bit d) Spot e) Iota

11 a) Terse b) Succinct c) Garrulous d) Concise e) Curt

12 a) Acute b) Incisive c) Apathetic d) Discerning e) Perspicacious
ANSWERS1-a; 2-d; 3-e; 4-e; 5-e; 6-b; 7-e; 8-a; 9-b; 10-a; 11-c; 12-c.