Ducking into the wisdom waddle

Ducking into the wisdom waddle

The lake waters are crystal clear, solemnly green and a shimmer with sunshine. Now if only the visitors would behave just as decently, and keep their rubbish out of this peaceful spot!

Yesterday the duck family was snoozing behind a green curtain of orange flowered bushes. Their yellow-orange beaks shone under the canopy. There is much sense to be stolen from duck watching.

For instance I would dearly love to copy them and waddle off into the deep green waters of their wonderfully cleaned up lake to hide, the next
time someone sends me a massive attachment of internet dreadfully-cosy photographs showing cats and dogs and other unlucky animals painfully dressed up in human clothing by awesomely odd owners.  

Internet’s oh-so-cute and cuddly photography is becoming irksome. It is like eating dosas and idlis in a restaurant in Gujerat, where the batter would never ever have risen! As for the sambhar, heaven help the foolish buyer.

When in Gujerat, remember to eat dhoklas or gathias and run from the  idlis and dosas.  When a neighbour has flung his  mound of gutka wrappers all over my  compost heap, I wish I could imitate the wisdom of ducks by waddling off into clear, washed space  and quacking delightfully!

The serenity of ducks makes me wonder if they have discovered that heaven underwater free of rodents, rages, regrets, envy, rubble and rust? Another useful trick to learn from these gentle, adorable quackers is  how to duck under green water with our feet up to huddle inside harmony!

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