BJP counters with its own report on Dikshit's 'misrule'

BJP counters with its own report on Dikshit's 'misrule'

Two days after the Delhi Congress government released a report lauding its achievements in last 15 years,the state unit of the BJP came up with a counter report criticising it for “misrule”.

Attacking the city government on various fronts, including high electricity cost and safety of women, BJP state unit president Vijay Goel alleged that the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit promised to turn Delhi into Paris but has made it into a slum.

Releasing the report which questioned the various “achievements” highlighted by Dikshit in a dossier two days ago, Goel said the party would come up with a more detailed document on government’s “failure” in the coming days.

“With the report, the government has again tried to misguide the people. They gave a report of 15 years because they did not have any achievements to show in the last five years,” Goel said.

“The chief minister had assured to turn Delhi into Paris, but has turned it into a slum. Half of the Delhi population does not have basic amenities. Forty per cent of the city does not have sewer lines and women still have to defecate in open,” he said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party report ‘No achievements ample proofs, pack of lies and only loot — 15 years of Congress misrule ruined Delhi’ has been prepared by a party team, including five BJP MLAs.

However, many prominent faces were missing on the occasion which included Harsh Vardhan and Arti Mehra, former mayor of the MCD. Even the leader of the opposition in the Assembly Vijay Kumar Malhotra left the conference mid-way.

Interestingly, the Congress is also targeting the BJP for its infighting in the state unit.