74 per cent Indians below 40 years

74 per cent Indians below 40 years

74 per cent Indians below 40 years

It is certain that India is a country of the youth. According to the latest data released by the Census of India, 74 per cent of the country’s total population of 1.21 billion is below 40.

The 2011 census figures suggest that of the 74 per cent, 51.75 per cent are men and 48.25 per cent women.

According to the single year age data released on Friday, people up to 18 years comprise 38.8 per cent of the population while 28.9 per cent are aged between 19 and 35. While the 36-60 age group constitutes 24.5 per cent of the population, 7.1 per cent are over 60.

The statistics also said 6.05 lakh people are aged over 100. As many as 2,79,49,127
people – 1,50,15,960 men and 1,29,33,167 women – are attaining the age of 18 and
eligible to vote.

According to the provisional census data released earlier, out of the 1.21 billion people, 833 million live in rural India and 377 million in urban India.

Around 31.2 per cent of the total population live in urban centres, as against 27.8 per cent in 2001 and 25.5 per cent in 1991.

The detailed figures will not only enable companies to coordinate their sales pitch, but also help political parties to strategise ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. The parties have already started to devise ways to mobilise the youth in their favour.
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