A cut above the rest

A cut above the rest

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A cut above the rest

Designer Paresh Lamba has an eye for detail and that shows in every garment he makes. His designs are never repetitive and he always manages to weave something unusual into them. Paresh’s collection of wedding wear is distinct in its look and feel.

Varied and vibrant colours

There’s neither boredom nor a sense of stagnancy when it comes to designer Paresh Lamba. He always has something new to offer. He is someone who believes that there’s a lot to explore when it comes to men’s wear.

His latest line of wedding wear for men has been designed keeping in mind the changing tastes among young men.

The sherwanis in this collection take on a very ornate and dressy look. The line of sherwanis has an envious mix of traditional and Indo-western cuts. Paresh points out that today’s young men are willing to experiment and want to look and feel different on special occasions. “This collection can either be worn to weddings or festivals.

The garments have a lot of texturing and detailing on them. We have consciously interwoven a lot of varied influences such as Eastern, Chinese and Indo-Western just to give the garments a unique twist,” explains Paresh.

   Paresh’s sherwanis are made slimmer than the norm. “The padded look at the shoulder has given way to slimmer silhouettes. People want to look slim and the ‘sherwanis’ are cut and designed to give the wearer a stylish finish,” he adds.

   Among the designs that find a place in Paresh’s collection are Indo-western ‘sherwanis’. “These sherwanis can be worn with trousers instead of pyjamas. They are popularly worn during the sangeet ceremony rather than the wedding itself,” Paresh explains.
   Paresh intends to dress up his men to the hilt.

   He uses a wide range of colours and doesn’t believe in sticking to just blacks and greys. Pink, yellow and other bright shades find a place in
Paresh’s ensemble.

“Why can’t men wear bright colours? Interestingly, they have begun to move away from blue, grey and black and have opened up to experimenting with varied and vibrant colours,” he concludes.

Preetham, second year animation, NAAC Animation Academy, chose a red poly acetate sherwani with brocade detailing and zardozi and zari work. He contrasted this with a light lemon spun silk churidar.

Punchline: “Red is my favourite colour and wearing this sherwani gives me a princely feel. It is traditional in its look but modern in its cut and design.”
Price: Sherwani (Rs 39,995).

Rhishav Sikdar, fourth year engineering, CMRIT, slipped into a black lurex poly acetate sherwani with motif embroidered in zari, crystals and zardozi. It was contrasted with a white cotton churidar. Punchline: “The sherwani gives one a royal feel. The colour is rich, it is comfortable and more than anything, it fits really well — leaving one feeling good.”
Price: Sherwani(Rs 24,995).

Zainn Ovais, pursuing a certification course in American College of Sports Medicine, picked up a cream lurex poly acetate sherwani with zardozi and bead embroidery, worn with silk
brocade trousers.

Punchline: “What I like most is the grandeur of the outfit, it can be worn to one’s own wedding or for a grand occasion. Another attraction that I found is the deep neck, which is in keeping with my taste.”
Price: Sherwani
(Rs 45,995)

Kevin Prichard, final year in business and marketing, picked up a raw silk sherwani with silver zardozi and Swarovski embroidery. The look was matched with silk black trousers.

Punchline: “The outfit is extremely stylish and one that I would certainly wear to a grand occasion. The detailing and patterning on the garment is attractive. This would undisputedly be my only choice for an important occasion.” Price: Raw silk sherwani
(Rs 44,995).

Santosh Naik, final year engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering, wore a golden poly acetate patchwork sherwani with zari, zardozi and crystal work. He contrasted it with an onion pink silk churidar.

Punchline: “The collection has a royal feel to it.    The outfits certainly have a class and quality of their own. The material is soft and not only feels comfortable, but fits
perfectly as well.”  Price: Sherwani (Rs 49, 995).

Srinivas Hosur, third year engineering, University Visveswaraya, wore a grey kim-khab sherwani with applique and zardozi  detailing. He complimented his look with a stole, belt and turban. 

Punchline: “The sherwani is truly a work of art. Despite the heavy embroidery, it is comfortable and I don’t feel like I am carrying something heavy. It’s a perfect wedding outfit.”Price: Sherwani(Rs 63,995).