Price rise no hurdle for Ganesha Chaturthi festivities

Price rise no hurdle for Ganesha Chaturthi festivities

With Ganesha festival to be celebrated on Monday, preparations were afoot in all corners of the city on Sunday.

Brisk preparations were apparent in the bustle witnessed at Devaraja Market, where customers were seen complaining about the increase in prices, while making no compromises to please the deity.

Though the price of fruits and vegetables had come down marginally of late, buying spree for the festival, like every year, pushed the prices slightly upwards. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and other items for decoration and puja cost the consumers dear, with the price of good quality onion hovering around the Rs 60 to 70 mark. “There is no supply of good quality onion in the state. Currently, we are getting onion from Maharashtra. Onion crop failed in a few places in the state resulting in the price rise,” said Riyaz Ahmed, as customers pursued caution in buying onions. People who used to buy five to six kilos at a time, now buy one to two kilograms, he explained.

Surge in prices

Other commodities, though comparatively cheap, were priced higher than normal due to the demand. Vendors predicted that prices would fall soon after the festivities, while offering no explanation for the sudden surge.

Beetroot, which was being sold at Rs 12-16 a kg in the market a few days ago, cost Rs 20 on Sunday. Similar fluctuations were noted in the prices of beans (Rs 30 per kg), drumsticks (Rs 36 per kg) and tomato (between Rs 16 to 22 per kg).

However, people buying fruits had some relief, as prices of fruits had not increased as expected. Subbanna, a fruit vendor, said, apples were priced at Rs 60-80 per kg in the market. However, several retail outlets and streetside vendors sold around Rs 100 a kg. Price of fruits as compared to vegetables had remained the same despite the demand, said a vendor.

However, it was the flower market that was abuzz with activity right from Sunday morning, as customers were undeterred over the rise in price. Chrysanthemum was priced at Rs 50 per metre. Lotus, which is believed to be the favourite of Ganapa, was priced at Rs 10 per piece and Marigold at Rs 30 per kg.

Vendors selling banana stalks and mango leaves were making quick bucks with a pair sold at Rs 20 and a bunch at Rs 10 respectively at every nook and corner of the city.
Groups of youths were busy choosing idols on the eve of the fest and transporting it on goods vehicles to their pandals in their respective areas. Pandals have been erected at almost all areas for public installation of the idols, after seeking prior permission from the Police department.