Getting creative with waste

Getting creative with waste

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Getting creative with waste

Waste is hazardous or dangerous material that is expelled from our homes. But next time, wait before you throw those DVDs or CDs, floppy discs or even torn clothes – all these can be used to make interesting, beautiful and useful items for daily use.

Recycling and reusing valuable waste materials can result in development of fantastic and usable products. Rather than throwing them into the bin, various innovative and creative ideas can be put together to make something new and useful.

There are various waste materials that can be used to make different products – old newspapers, notebooks, chart papers, cardboards, book covers, paper plates, spoons, disposable glass, pens, refills, toothpicks, matchsticks, dry stem of plants and trees, seeds of various fruits, table covers, used foil paper, jute rope, plastic bottles, strings and sequences, alcohol bottles etc.

One can make paper bags, puppets from papers, cotton, sponge and torn clothes, mat and coasters from clothes, papier mache, jewellery, plastic or alcohol bottles can be used to make lamps, wall hanging can be made from newspapers, jute ropes, cardboards, pen stands can be made from CDs and DVDs.

The outcome of these activities is also great. There is minimum harm to the atmosphere, reduces cutting of trees for paper, develops an innovative and creative mind, cleans and beautifies the surroundings, develops the ability to create, develop and present an object. It protects nature and atmosphere and even the cost of making these items are very less.

One major factor that can be taken care of if we use waste materials is saving trees. We all use paper but most of the time we throw the waste paper in the dustbin. We tear off the envelopes of the electricity and water bills and throw them in the dustbin too. So, the best way to save papers is to recycle the paper, which is the need of the

Hence, if we see our surroundings, we can find many materials which are worth making them into a beautiful artifact!