Avoid this road, if you can...

Avoid this road, if you can...

The entire stretch of Old Madras Road has turned a nightmare for commuters. Potholes from Ulsoor to KR Puram flyover have left motorists risking their lives navigating them. Every heavy downpour carves out a new pot-hole.

“The road near Gurudwara which leads to Philips building turns into a swimming pool after it rains. There is no outlet for water to drain and becomes difficult for people to ride,”“said motorcylist, Ravichandar. Inevitably, accidents on this road has become common not because of rash driving or overspeeding but due to ditches.

Near Byappanahalli and RMZ building, one side of OM road has been completely chipped off. Yet, no effort has been made by BBMP to patch it up.

“The entire 7 km of Old Madras Road is in it's last stage to collapse. The çhief minister should have toured Old Madras Road. Then he would have known the real Bangalore," fumed another commuter.

The condition of the road from Trinity Circle to CMH Road Junction is no better. It is extremely uneven with several periodic ‘patch works’ unable to prevent craters from re-appearing. The stretch is ridden with potholes with a big one close to Lido Mall.

Even though it is an arterial road located in the centre of the City, Kasturba Road is a nightmare for commuters, especially two wheelers.

Unless a person is familiar with all the existing pot holes on this road, riding on this road is perilous. Add to it a few hours of rain at night and the helmet, it is a blind journey on this stretch. Since the road is open for HTV, one needs to be extra cautious.

Even for regular commuters, unless one consciously remembers the location of every pot hole, riding in this stretch is a painful experience. The Old Airport Road is another stretch that badly needs several coatings of asphalt. Many sections are poorly lit and severely torn apart. The stretches near Manipal Hospital and its junction with Suranjan Das Road are particularly in bad shape.