Set right anomalies in hostels within 15 days: Minister

Set right anomalies in hostels within 15 days: Minister

'Students should not go out of the hostel after 6.30 pm'

District-in-Charge Minister Abhayachandra Jain has directed the officials to set right anomalies in the hostels run by the government within 15 days.

Speaking after visiting the post-matric and pre-matric hostel on Bar Lane road in Chikmagalur on Monday, he expressed displeasure for making eight students to stay in one room. Parents send their children to hostels by trusting the government.

The government has been spending crores to provide quality education to the students. The officials should ensure that the children feel safe and secure in the hostels.  Quality food should be supplied to them.

“I will visit the hostel after 15 days. If there was no reforms in the system, then I will recommend to the government to take strict action against the officials,” he said.

The students said that no hot water was supplied in the hostel. The toilets are not clean. There is no stand to keep the sandals. Tables and cots are not given to the inmates. Even newspapers and weeklies are not supplied to the hostels. The Minister directed the officials to solve the problem at the earliest.

The minister directed the officials to ensure that toilets and bathrooms are cleaned daily.
“The students should not go out of the hostel after 6.30 pm. They should enter the hostel within stipulated time. We are giving priority to the safety of the students. If any untoward incidents occur, then officials will have to face the music.”

The Minister also visited boys hostel at Ramanahalli, and girls hostel at Jayanagara.

New hostel

The Minister said that the DC has been directed to earmark land for the construction of a hostel to accommodate 300 students. “I have visited infrastructure facilities in three hostels. There is lack of space in hostels. The issue of less grant to BCM hostel has been brought to my notice. Poor quality of vegetables are being supplied to the hostels,” he said.